01. Velkommen



60 years with Velocette

I became interested in Velocette already as a 12 year old boy

when the postman each day delivered the mail to my parent’s farm on his Velocette MAC 1946!

Once in a while he visited my parents in the evenings and I still recall the sound of his bike.

I bought my first Velocette in 1956 – it was a MAC 1953 with spring frame-

the first one of this type in Denmark.

In 1959 my dream came through!  – I was able to purchase a brand new Endurance!

There was just a single one in Denmark so I became the second owner of an Endurance1959 in Denmark.

Through the years I have had various models and currently I am the happy owner of

four Velocettes plus one Vincent. 

Knud Rasmussen, Langelinie 31,4140 Borup, Denmark  – Tlf.:00 45 57528282 – Langelinie@privat.tele.dk

Ps. Der er optaget en kort video på Langelinie hvor Knud Rasmussen fortæller om sin hobby. Hvis du vil se den:   Tryk her